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Why Tile?

Tile is the ultimate product, combining beauty with durability.

• It will not stain, mildew, burn or fade.
• Moisture will not effect it.
• It is “allergy-free” – soil, fumes, smoke and germs will not penetrate it.
• It is the easiest of all finishes to clean – never needs buffing, waxing or finishing.
• Tile has the lowest long-term cost of any alternative product

Decorating with Tile

Fancy TileOne of tile’s best features is its adaptability. It can play a major roll in a design scheme, as the focal point of a room. Or it can play a minor roll, simply complementing your other decor. The broad range of sizes, shapes, colors and textures enables us to incorporate tile into almost any application.

From the understated to the luxurious, the traditional to the contemporary, the stylish looks of tile will complement any style.

Selecting a Tile

Tile offers you a vast selection of products, with a wide variety of performance characteristics to suit any application imaginable. The key is selecting the right tile for the job. Every tile manufactured is given a wear rating. These ratings vary according to the amount of traffic the tile will receive, and directly correlate to how well the tile performs. Tiles with a lower class rating are more suited for light traffic areas. Tiles with a high wear rating are for areas with heavier traffic. Below is an example of basic wear ratings:

Class 1
Usually wall tile only

Class 2
Suitable for light residential floors

Class 3
Appropriate for all residential and light commercial installations

Class 4
All residential and commercial applications

Characteristics of Tile
Texture and color are also important characteristics to consider when selecting tile.


The two basic types of texture used in making tiles are tactile and visual. Tactile textures can be felt, and convey the look of the natural product. Visual textures actually have a flat, smooth surface, but give the impression of texture through color and shade variation.


Probably the most powerful of the design elements is color. From calm to bold, and cool to warm, tile offers an abundance of choices. One facet of color, called shade variation, deals with one of the most popular looks today – stone tiles. It is also the most dramatic. Today’s stone products are designed with shade variation to provide a more natural look. One piece will not be indicative of what an entire floor will look like. Care should be taken to mix pieces from different boxes to incorporate any shading differences.

Finishing the Job

Kitchen No job is complete until the grout has been selected. Grout selection will affect the appearance and performance of your final installation. It is wise to select a grout that fits your particular design scheme or level of use. Whether you are matching, coordinating, or contrasting the grout color, the visual results can be limitless.

Caring for your Tile

Tile’s beauty and durability have made it one of the most popular interior finishes today. There are just a few simple steps to maintaining the rich look of a tile surface.


For ease of installation as well as on-going clean-up, unglazed tile and grout joints should be sealed. Using a sealer protects against stains.

Glazed tiles do not require the use of sealers. Since the glaze on these tiles is made of glass-like materials, they do not take on stains and are already easy to clean.


Weekly cleaning of tile is as simple as vacuuming up loose dirt, followed by mopping with warm water and neutral cleaner. (A neutral cleaner does not contain any acids or bleaches). Also avoid soap-based cleaners, which can leave a film behind, making your tile more difficult to clean later.

The proper tile, installed correctly, will last a lifetime. Be daring – go beyond kitchens and baths and use tile throughout your home, inside and out, and have some fun!



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